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Fibridge Australia (Graftek Marketing) has an ambitious goal to be the world leader in the development of fibre based products. Fibridge Australia customers can rest assured that when they purchase our technology and services we stand behind the products and specifications all the way.
For over a decade Fibridge has been designing, manufacturing in house and supplying advanced optical products to the broadcasting, communications and information technology industries throughout the world. With over 30 research and development staff members and over 15 software programmers along with many support staff members, we are confident that Fibridge Australia (Graftek Marketing) will be a leading product in coming years.
Fibridge products are used extensively to deliver fibre-to-the-apartment/business/home technology or Ethernet over optical fibre systems. Fibridge Australia aim is to offer and provide our customers with comprehensive solutions designed to add value to their business. We achieve this through our strong commitment to research and development.
We believe that the only way for our customers to remain one step ahead is to constantly improve our products and service offerings to meet tomorrow's technology requirements. Fibridge Australia has a dedicated team who is ready and willing to provide our customers with the best support and expertise. Graftek Marketing is well represented in Australia, and around the world.
If you have a requirement to distribute video, voice and data over fibre optic cables, then we have the solution to best meet your technology needs.
If you need to make the optical connection then we encourage you to give our dedicated sales team or appointed distributor in your area a call.

For more information, please contact our office in Australia on sales@graftekmarketing.com