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About us

Our philosophy is, at Graftek Marketing we are responsible for customer satisfaction through delivery of high quality products and on time. It is our intention that Fibridge Australia, aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are charged to face the challenges with a positive frame of mind, with imaginative ideas, and with enthusiasm.
Established in 1995, we are now a leading high-tech company and powerful producer on design, development, and manufacturer in the realm of telecommunication, optical transmission and broadband access. Our products are widely used around the world and have proved to be the most versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective. In 2002, Graftek Marketing brought Fibridge and Doteck brands together into the international market. The reliable performance of our products won us positive remarks from international and domestic customers as we tailor make selected items for the clients market..
If you need to make the optical connection then we encourage you email dedicated sales team in Australia. All support and sales enquiries are to be via email to : sales@graftekmarketing.com (monitored 24/7). You can email us about your query or you can email us a best number and time to call you to discuss further.